Every Child is an Artist Wall Sticker - Pablo Picasso Quote Removable Wall Decal

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"Every Child is an Artist", the famous quote by Pablo Picasso is now available to inspire budding young artists of any age in your school's art room or any classroom setting. 

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It's available in 11 colors and three different sizes, giving you plenty of options to match the decor of your classroom. These stickers have no background at all, neither white nor transparent, so the background color will be the color of your wall.

Small decal size: 24" wide x 4" tall (61cm x 10cm)
Medium decal size: 36" wide x 6" tall (91cm x 15cm)
Large decal size: 60" wide x 10" tall (152cm x 25cm)
(Note: the individual letters/words can also be rearranged to suit the space you have available)

Sizes Available: Three - Small, Medium, Large
Colors Available: Black, White, Canal Blue, Azure Blue, Blue, Purple, Gray, Slate Gray, Soft Pink, Orange, Brown
Theme: Pablo Picasso - Every Child Is An Artist Quote
Material:  Nontoxic PVC (removable without residue remaining on surface)

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