Colorful Kids Hands Baseboard Wall Sticker

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Add a burst of color to your preschool or elementary classroom with this vibrant whimsical wall decal for kids.

When applied, the wall sticker measures approximately 11 inches tall by 49 inches wide. To cover a longer surface, simply combine multiple decals. They're easy to trim to fit!

Teachers love thiscolorful kid's handswall sticker since it can beapplied to smooth, clean and dry surface of walls, tiles, glass and furniture. No transfer film needed -- simply peel and stick! (Removes easily, too so you won't have to worry about damagingsurfaces.) Please note, it's not suitable for dirty or rough surfaces. Looks best on white or light colored walls.

Thesefun vinyl wall decals also make for great decorations at daycare facilities and at home for children's bedrooms and playrooms!

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Technical Details:

Material: PVC
Pattern:Colorful kids hands
Finished size: 28 x 126 cm (approximately 11 x 49 inches)

Suitable for:Preschool classrooms, pre-k decorations, art class decorations, Kindergarten decor, elementary classroom decor, early education classroomthemes, wall stickers, wall decals, wall murals

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