3D Butterflies - Magnetic/Adhesive Wall Decals (12 piece pack)

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Bring your classroom to life with these high-quality, three-dimensional butterfly adhesive wall decorations!

Great to use as window displays, wall displays, table decorations or fridge and filing cabinet decor.

Each butterfly has a small magnet on the back to use on metal surfaces.They also come with strong sticky circles to attach to non-magnetic surfaces.

Butterflies come flat in packaging, but to achieve the 3D effect of the wings, simply fold them up slightly to give dimension.

Each 12-piece mixed package includes:

  • 2 XLbutterflies (approx 4.75" wide)
  • 2 large butterflies (approx 3.5" wide)
  • 4medium butterflies (approx 3" wide)
  • 4 smallbutterflies (approx 2.25" wide)

Pattern: Butterfly (varied patterns)
Specification: 12-piece multi package
Color Options: 6color choices - Purple, Blue, Pink, Red, Yellow, Green
Display Options: walls, windows, table decorations
Material: PVC

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